Personal 7 is a business belonging to
Grupo Constant


Why Personal 7?

Our specialization in each sector together with our deep local knowledge allows Personal 7 to act with maximum agility and to provide the best resources to meet each client’s demands.

Human resources and optimum technologies:

Thanks to our experience in human resources and our use of the latest technological developments, we are able to offer the best services to each and every area within every different sector.

Special Employment Centre:

Our clients can fully comply with LISMI ( Social Integration of People with Disabilities) by contracting the external development service of Grupo Constant’s Special Employment Centre.

Maximum Service Quality:

Personal 7 has ISO 9001 quality control certification through AENOR which is a guarantee of excellence covering each process of the contracted services.


Personal 7 belongs to the Grupo Constant consortium which is highly solvent and enjoys a proven reputation.


Total data protection in absolute accordance with the law under the direction of DELETE, a Grupo Constant company which specializes in the handling and destruction of confidential documents.


We are present throughout mainland Spain and the islands with over 40 offices. Internationally, we are also represented in the Check Republic and Portugal.

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